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A podcast. A podcast?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Why me? Honestly, that is a fantastic question. Who am I to think that I can run a podcast highlighting the neighbourhood and all that it encompasses? Well, it has been a bit of a journey.

I was at a crossroads. I have had a particularly hard year this last year in many realms: personally, professionally, family-based, socially and emotionally. At the start of July I hit the road with my partner and headed to small town B.C. and I broke down hard. Real hard. I had shaking anxiety and panic attacks non-stop and I knew that I could no longer continue my life in the direction that I was heading.

Ok, so then what? How would I begin to take back control of my life and feel like I was contributing positively to the world? What could I do to rebuild my self-esteem and my sense of personal agency?

So my partner dropped a book in my lap and said "Read this. Just do it."

The book is called What Colour is Your Parachute by Richard M. Boles. This book has helped numerous job hunters since the 1970s. Reluctantly at first, feeling very sorry for myself, I started doing the exercises. They take a good hour each and I was barely half-way done when I realized my greatest skills are planning, research, synthesizing information, speaking, and communicating. All great skills for planning and broadcasting a podcast. Ok, so podcast, but on what?

Then CBC released a podcast called Slumtown about the area I live in and this stirred a lot of talk and reactions on social media and at our local hangouts. That was when the lightbulb turned on: I have lived here for 12 years, I love talking to people, and I am always talking about what is cool and what is happening in my little neighbourhood.

So here we go, a bold attempt at taking my best skills and using them in a way that I hope will highlight and connect my beautiful community.

Check out my trailer here:

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