• Nicola D

The Goings-On in the Background

Hi friends and neighbours! I had committed to producing one podcast per week when I took on this project, but as you probably have noticed, I seem to be hovering more around the 8 to 12 day mark. So I am going to relax a little bit and give myself a 10 day deadline. Today is August 28th, and the next podcast should be ready on Friday, August 30th. Did you notice I now have music in the intro and outro? It is free music called Sunrise Drive and I picked it because the name reminded me how good I feel about our community when I am walking around it. Plus, it sounds really nice. I wanted to have something that would catch in people's ear and remind them of the podcast and a quick piece of music at the start and end of each podcast seems to be the key. I got it off of a free music website, which is really quite useful when you are starting out in podcasting or production of any kind. My sound quality is getting better, depending on if I have properly set up my sound equipment. Currently, I am using Blue Ice microphones and recording on Audacity, which is a free sound recording and editing platform. It is amazing and I am still so surprised that it is free given the quality of the program. Youtube has plenty of tutorial videos on the software. When recording more than one voice I use VoiceMeeter and I am still trying to figure out how to configure it so there is less of a tinny sound. It will come.

My artwork on this site so far is from free photo galleries or clip art, or I just make it myself and hope it isn't too garish. In time I plan om adding some of the many pictures I take of the neighbourhood. Lastly, I am currently feverishly reading through history documents, annexation documents, plot and land ownership titles, articles and books on the history of our area in hopes that I can get out some good short history podcasts.

So stay tuned friends, this is quite a fun little ride.

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