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Real Community: A Look at The Parkdale-Cromdale Community League

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We have talked a lot about community in the podcasts, but we have yet to define what exactly it means in our 'hood. It is more than just place, it is more than just a league membership. It is a sense of interconnectedness and fellowship all based around the passion we have for the place we live in.

In this episode of It's All Good In The Hood, I talk to Kevin and Steven, Parkdale Cromdale Community League Executive Board members, about what their community league is doing to create community. Spoiler alert: they aren't just a community hall, they are a community centre. Apologies on some of the sound quality as I am learning how to use some new equipment and new apps. Apologies (also) on the length of this podcast. It runs a bit longer than our usual podcasts, but the interview with Kevin and Stephen was extremely valuable and I didn't want to cut the life out of it.

Listen here.

Happy listening!

Check out Parkdale-Cromdale's website here:

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