• Nicola D

I Like What I See

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Perspective and perception are shaped by many different factors; from socioeconomic status to culture, from personal history to friends and family. Language can also have a huge effect on the way we perceive the world; so much so that philosopher Michel Foucault based much of his career on understanding how language and power dynamics shape peoples views of the world. In Episode 2 of It's All Good In The Hood, I attempt to challenge the view some people have of our neighbourhood through conversation. I talk to relative new comers Katherine and Greg about their view of the area before and after moving into the neighbourhood. We highlight the many positive aspects of the neighbourhood and in particular, we focus on the amazing sense of community and connection we have here. An important note - I did a bad job recording the conversation with Katherine and Greg and the microphone was not calibrated and I should have used more than one microphone. The post production sound editing only could clean up so much, especially given that I am still learning. I apologize profusely for this and am hoping these rookie mistakes iron themselves out. Listen here.

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